Many evidences show that sedentary behavior is adversely associated with health and wellbeing. One of the most common occurrences of such a behavior is sitting in workplaces. Office workers are highly at risk to organ damage, muscle degeneration, back pain ,etc.

SitSmart is a European funded project, that was proposed as part of the innovation associate program to tackle this issue and promotes a healthy lifestyle. It aims at breaking the sedentary sitting lifestyle at workplaces by providing a sensor equipped seat cushion that is able to:

  • Recognize the sitting posture;
  • Keep track of the time elapsed since last time the user has changed his posture;
  • Compare this time to an unhealthy duration set by the user or suggested by the system; and if the elapsed time exceeds this duration,
  • Intervene by encouraging the user to change to another posture.

SitSmart gives its users the ability to self-assess their sitting behavior and access both real time feedback and long term analysis (active sitting score).


The main reason for sick days in Germany is back pain. It will cause serious health problems in long term and also causing sick days for workers. Thus one goal of SmartCushion is to reduce health issues regarding sitting for a long time. On the other hand each sick day has a cost for company so employers have a vested interest in keeping their staff healthy which results in rising expenditures for preventative workplace health solutions.

We want to help office workers to have a healthier lifestyle, companies to provide a better work environment for the ageing work force, and society to overcome some health risks associated with sedentary lifestyles.



Hidden sensors embedded in the seat cushion that are able to detect more than 5 sitting postures.

Mobile Application

Connect to the seat cushion wirelessly and instantly visualize your sitting behavior along with user friendly graphs showing your active sitting score throughout the days you used the app. Additionally, SitSmart app offers different exercises that help dealing with back pain and different sitting-related problems.

Machine Learning

Algorithms that are able to autonomously adapt to the weight, height and the morphology of the user.

Notifications and Alarms

SitSmart tracks your sitting behavior and intervenes by sending you notifications when you need to change your posture.


Fitbase is developing digital prevention solutions for the workplace and for private persons since 2011. Fitbase markets solutions via B2B, B2C and B2B2C. Its’ customers are corporations of any size, especially health insurances which use Fitbase solutions for their workplace health promotion activities.

Johannes Heering
Johannes HeeringFounder and CEO
Dr. René Bohnsack
Dr. René BohnsackFounder and direktor research and development
Stefanie Schmidt
Stefanie SchmidtKinesiologist
Rico Lampka
Rico LampkaSports scientist
Alex Woroschilow
Alex WoroschilowSoftware developer
Dr. Mohamed Kettouch
Dr. Mohamed KettouchSoftware developer
Nina Wegener
Nina WegenerM.Sc. psychology
Foram Patel
Foram PatelMicroelectronics


  • This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 739803
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